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About Dolores Natividad


The various systems I specialize in from M.E.L.T to Gyrotonics can be used throughout one’s lifetime. From the millennials to the baby boomers, through pregnancies, pre-op or post-op I have helped hundreds of people feel at home in their bodies.  The distinction between optimal effort and strain can be clarified with proper guidance, gentle touch corrections and precise feedback. I am offering complementary modalities to assist people in filling a Gap from Hospital to Home. Dolores’ personal mission statement is the Hope for EveryBody to find a system(s) in which to integrate Grace, Strength, Ease, a Peaceful mind and a Joyous Heart!


Dolores Marie Natividad is an Exercise Physiologist certified by Marymount College and ACSM. She has practiced Yoga since the mid 1980’s and is a certified Integral Hatha Yoga practitioner for Basic Hatha 1,11, Extra Gentle, Chair Yoga, Pre-Natal,Post-Partum, Stress Management, Bio-medical Yoga,Therapeutic Yoga, Deepening Therapeutics, and Yoga for Arthritis.


Dolores also studied extensively at the Original White Cloud Yoga studio in NYC where Julio Horvath originated his Gyrotonic® System (Yoga for Dancers) and is a certified Gyrotonic® practitioner as well. Dolores is privileged to have has studied with master teachers Hilary Cartwright at White Cloud and Leda Franklin at RiverSide Gyrotonic Studio in NYC.


Private Instruction or Class Instruction fully  certified M.E.L.T. practitioner. Dolores completed her hand and foot training in 2012 and in 2014 she became certified to work with the M.E.L.T roller under the tutelage of Sue Hitzman, the inventor of the M.E.L.T SYSTEM.


She was Chairperson and Vice President of The New York Personal Fitness trainer’s organization giving presentations to ACE certified trainers in the 1980’s. She’s traveled with James Taylor and his band implementing Yoga, personal training and de-stressing techniques.

Dolores is featured in the book: The Marine Corps Daily 16 Workouts: Marine Fitness for the Civilian Athlete Book representing the civilians As a member of the New York Teacher’s Yoga Association, she has given Yoga workshops at the Department of Labor, NY-Presbyterian-Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, The Board of Education, Park Slope Food Co-op, and numerous Senior Centers.



Pain Management

Functional Movement




From Hospital to Home

DMN has worked with people in their hospital beds and homes post surgery. DMN's complementary during or post PT for extra support in the patient's journey of healing. For example - Case 1: My Mom, in her late 70's had a head hemorrhage and... [Read More]

Genuine Young Living Aromatherapy

Young Living Oils are the only GENUINE hospital/therapeutic grade oils available. Not All essential Oils are created equal. Other brands have synthetics and fillers. Do you feel depleted before... [Read More]


MELT truly is for everyone! Even if you are pregnant, injured, post-surgery, overweight, sedentary, out of shape, have limited mobility, chronic pain, knee/hip replacements, or bone disorders — you can still MELT.
 It’s the best starting point for... [Read More]

Functional Fitness and Strength

Functional strength is the strength that gets us through life and daily rigor. Carrying  bags of groceries up several flights of stairs, running for the bus or jumping over puddles requires stamina and balance. Depending on one's specific needs and... [Read More]

Accessible Yoga

Dolores is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and is committed to sharing Yoga is for Everyone! 
She has worked with women through pregnancy, postpartum, pre and post surgery, the golfer who wants to improve his game, the runner who has had repetitive injuries and who is ready to... [Read More]


GYROTONIC® Expansion System, is adaptive fitness equipment minimizing stress on the joints or place the patient in a comfortable starting position, which makes greater movement possible. GYROTONICS is now found in... [Read More]

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Ms. Natividad works with people undergoing treatment for: Weight Management and Exercise Prescriptions Postural Alignment Healthy Back Care Scoliosis, Lordosis, Kyphosis, Osteoporosis Parkinson’s, MS, CFS Yoga / All Levels / Special Concerns / Stress Reduction / Meditation Breath Awareness / Breath Disorders: Asthmatics / COPD / Pain Management / Sleep Disorders Physical rehabilitation / Body Trauma  / Movement Re-Patterning Balance Core Stability Training Gyrotonic ® Tower / Gyrokenesis® (mat & chair)


Seniors, New beginners & Athletes will benefit. Will work at Gyms, Home, or Job site.

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