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Therapeutic Yoga


Article in the Press: Yoga therapy DYADS: A novel approach to chronic pain management in underserved populations

As a Yoga Therapist Provider I was working at primarily 2 clinical sites, IFH in Harlem and Montefiore Williamsbridge in the Bronx with patients who had acute and chronic back or neck pain, and / or osteoarthritis.


Some sessions were 1:1 and others were dyads both in English and Spanish.

Our Wellness Team had a weekly check in to follow up on the week's treatments.


Our Dyad model was a feasibility trial combining Yoga and Acupuncture Therapy per patient for chronic pain in an under served population.


Although we could not complete the full 10 weeks last March due to Covid-19 with some patients, thankfully we gathered enough data for these findings.


I have made some lifelong friends with some of my fellow colleagues

and I am looking forward to future collaboration with them

and continuing my current Yoga Therapy Projects.



The practice of Therapeutic Yoga beautifully weaves gentle Hatha yoga, restorative yoga (supported postures), conscious breath work, energetic touch, hands-on healing, guided meditation, stress and pain management techniques.This intact healing system supports health and wellness throughout our life cycles including illness, injury and surgery.


Therapeutic Yoga is a perfect counterbalance for those who simply want to slow down. Therapeutic Yoga is a deeply meditative experience - it provides the opportunity to step away from the busy-ness of the outside world and cultivate versatile and portable healing techniques. By moving and resting into dynamic stillness throughout the layers of the physical body, emotions and thoughts we can return to our ease and peace. Our undivided self unveils the jewels of innermost quietude and contentment.

After the initial intake and assessment, Dolores will provide a safe and nurturing practice specific to your concerns within the class or one on one setting.

Dolores Natividad is available for private Therapeutic Yoga sessions in Home, Hospitals, and clinical settings.

Therapeutic Yoga with DMN can include Yoga for ARTHRITIS, Chair Yoga class or One on One Restorative Yoga.

Accessible Yoga



Dolores is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and is committed to sharing Yoga is for Everyone

She has worked with women through pregnancy, postpartum, pre and post surgery, the golfer who wants to improve his game, the runner who has had repetitive injuries and who is ready to try something new or the person with scoliosis who needs one on one attention to create an In Home Yoga Program for themselves.



YOGA for ARTHRITIS can aid in:


Stress Reduction, Pain Management, Increase Independence and Confidence.


This GENTLE and SAFE Class is appropriate for those who have: OA, RA, MS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Epstein's Barr, Parkinson's and other Systemic and Neurological concerns.


For those who have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, a Chair may be used for assistance.



Students will be encouraged to used props and Chair for support only as needed.

You do not have to be in pain or emergency mode to gain great and deep benefits from this Ancient Old Practice!


CHAIR YOGA is a portable and accessible Extra Gentle Yoga for students who do not have easeful mobility. CHAIR YOGA is a modified version of an Integral Yoga class adapted to the chair! 


The structure includes: Sound Vibration, Yoga Poses, Breathing, Meditation and Deep Relaxation integrated in a steady, comprehensive flow. This practice is perfect for those who may be wheelchair bound, recovering from an injury and travelers with limited space. Learn how to apply the Yogic principles in the workspace, traveling or home.


People with special concerns are absolutely welcome and encouraged to participate!

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