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Client Love

Client Love - John Osborn, Hockey Player

Last summer I decided I really wanted to play ice hockey again - a sport I loved since childhood. After medical treatment, my doctors had given me the OK to resume after 3 years on the sidelines due to a fractured vertebrae and a diagnosis of osteoporosis. My mind and spirit were willing, but how was I going to get my body in shape? Oh, and by the way, I was a 58 year old grandfather. I asked Dolores to help me prepare and the benefits of her approach, ideas and positive coaching style have been instrumental in my reaching my goal. Through a combination of Personal Training, Core Fusion and Yoga classes with Dolores, I have finished my first season back and have just signed up for the next. I am joyfully playing at a level above where I left off. We won the Hockey championship and I am confident that my stamina, strength and flexibility will keep me healthy and playing for seasons to come. I gladly recommend Dolores for anyone with a vision for their next physical, mental and physic step forward, and a safe, creative and nurturing practitioner to help them get there.

John Osborn (pictured far right), Business Development & Advertising Product Development

New York, NY

I cannot say enough about what a talented teacher Dolores is.  I have attended several of her yoga classes - each time wondering if the pain in my back, hip, shoulder, neck - whatever was hurting that day - would hold me back from the poses presented.  Before each class she asks everyone "What seems to be bothering you today?" and then reaches into her years of learned wisdom and knowledge for the answers and presents them in class.  Each time I walk out I thinking 'if only I could come every day for at least 2 months - ahhhh what a different person I would be'!  She has a presence that immediately puts anyone at ease - especially those who have challenges with pain in their bodies.  Thanks so much, Dolores."

Diana Stevens, The Art of the Soles

New York, NY

I  attended her weekly classes and had to stop practicing yoga due to my hernia abdominal surgery. Concerned that I would not be able to continue my beloved for yoga practice. Dolores calmed me down and reassured me that I would not have to give up yoga. With her positive attitude for the past three months I have been taking private lessons with Dolores. She helped me regain my strength and confidence one week at a time, she taught me how to do some simple restorative poses on my own around the house. Through meditation practices and relaxation poses, Dolores has taught me to really deepen my practice, post surgery. She cares about her students and does whatever it takes to help them. After 3 months I am back to my regular yoga classes and thanks to Dolores I now have a home practice."

Karen Catalano, Board of Education

New York, NY

When people tell me that they've tried yoga but didn't like it, I suggest that they try a class with Dolores. She is very mindful of people's strengths and limitations. Her calm, direct instructions in class allow beginner and experienced students alike to have a great workout followed by a relaxation period that allows you to refocus your energy for the rest of the day. Dolores is a real treasure."

Jana B., R.N. at New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

New York, NY

My experience with Dolores has been fantastic! The positive atmosphere she fosters in her practice reinforces and enhances the positive physical (and mental) outcomes of my work with her. She is highly attuned to an individual's goals, strengths, and limitations, and presents options that allow each individual to flourish to the best of their respective abilities. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her over the past several years as my strength, endurance, dexterity, and flexibility have improved greatly. I highly recommend Dolores!"

A.J., Post-Brain Surgery Patient

New York, NY

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